12WBT: day 09

19 Feb

Wasn’t really feeling it today, truth be told.

Food-wise, I was fine. I was a bit annoyed that I left my ricotta and grater at work so I was unable to top my fruit toast with ricotta and grated apple this morning (first world problems). I scraped a tiny bit of honey over the top instead, which was kinda nice.

Awful rainy day on the Gold Coast today… maybe that’s why I felt completely uninspired to exercise. Meh. I really, really couldn’t be bothered tonight BUUUT I put my gear on and did a work out. Only burnt 273 calories today even though I worked my ass off (today was toning day).

I was a bit spoilt tonight with my fiance cooking me dinner. That was nice not having to cook after my workout.

Anyway, tomorrow is weigh-in day and I’m really not looking forward to it. I’m scared that I haven’t lost any more weight (or worse, gained weight). I better start praying that I weigh less than 67.2kg now… only a few hours left before I face reality :/

12WBT: day 07

17 Feb

Today marks the last day of the first week of round one of my 12 week body transformation (whoa, hope you understood that; I even find it difficult to grasp!) All in all, I think I’ve had a pretty good week. I behaved myself on Valentine’s Day (my treat for the day was a slice of Freddo icecream cake [I saved up my snacks for that one]), but we had a friend’s birthday dinner on Friday night. I didn’t really want to go, not because I’m antisocial, but because I didn’t want to eat more than my calorie allowance. My partner had already pre-paid ($65 per head) and wanted me to eat my $65 worth.  

I definitely ate more than my calorie allowance. If there ever was a challenge to face, it was this dinner. I’m just glad it was in week one so that I can redeem myself over the next 12 weeks.

Problem #1: dinner didn’t even START until 8:30pm. I’m accustomed to eating my dinner any time between 6-7:30pm. I don’t like eating late because I feel like I won’t be able to burn it off.

Problem #2: it was a massive banquet. With about 12 courses. No joke. There was waaaay too much food. I only ate (very) small portions of each dish, but seriously, who needs three main courses?!

Problem #3: because the food didn’t even start arriving until around 8:45pm (once everyone was seated) and because there were soooo many courses, we were still eating at 11:30pm!

Never again, I swear.

I knew I’d weigh more on Saturday morning. I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I jumped on the scales just out of curiosity. I weighed 67.7kg. I’d gained 500g since Thursday morning’s weigh-in. I reckon it was all in the dinner from the night before! I felt a little depressed after that but at least I didn’t weigh more than my original weight. I just had to work extra hard to shift those extra grams. 

On Saturday I met up with a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen since December. I told her about my diet and we agreed to have a healthy lunch. I had a small Grill’d chicken and veggie burger (without the chips and with a water). 

When I got home, I killed myself with my SSS workout (SSS stands for Super Saturday Session for those who aren’t in the know). I did a 45 minute cardio session, rested for about 10 minutes, and followed it up with a further 30 minutes of cardio/ resistance training. I was seriously buggered afterward. I only burnt around 500 calories but I figure this was better than nothing considering how inactive I’ve become over past years. Next Saturday I think I’ll try going for a run and doing some Zumba and see how I go.

So tonight is Sunday and I’m definitely looking forward to my dinner — lamb kofta with minted yoghurt followed by some watermelon and strawberries for dessert. Yum! No exercise today (rest day) which I didn’t miss at all. But I tell you what, I feel like I’m beginning to tone up already… so maybe exercising every day isn’t that bad after all 😉


12WBT: day 04

14 Feb

I wake up feeling pretty sore and sorry for myself so I put off my morning exercise until the evening. Then I remember: it is weigh-in day.


Panic begins to set in. I suddenly feel awake. I drag myself out of bed, visit the bathroom, get naked, and then, with some anticipation, put one foot on the scales.

I find myself willing the scales.

*Please weigh less than 68kg… please weigh less than 68kg…*

The dreaded 0.0 lights up the screen. I place my second foot on the scale and watch as the numbers start to rise.

67.2kg. That’s a loss of 800g in three days. I do some math and calculate that if I were to continue on this path, I’d lose almost 10kg more than my goal over the 12 weeks (so, I have a little room to move, eh? ;))

Also, today is Valentine’s Day. I managed to talk my partner out of going out for dinner/ cooking a special meal, and we stuck with the chargrilled steak with salsa. Glad we did coz it was delish! We did have a bit of a treat for dessert though: a slice of Cadbury Freddo ice cream cake (1/4 of the cake for him — I’ve got to get rid of it fast!)

12WBT: day 03

13 Feb

Ok, so yesterday I forgot to write a blog post. But to cut a long story short, my alarm went off at 6:01am and… wait for it… I actually got out of bed and did my exercise! WOO HOO! I felt like such a pro. Lots of jumping around and toning exercises. I really felt my body working.

I bought batteries for my scales and went to check that they were working for my first official weigh-in on day 3… turns out new batteries didn’t make a difference. The scales were stuffed and it was too late to go to the shops and buy a new set. Dammit. Weigh-in has to wait until day 4.

Skip along to the morning of day 3. My alarm went off at 6:01am… I was so, so, so sore. I physically couldn’t get out of bed let alone do any more exercise. I decided to give my body a rest and do my work out in the evening after I’d had time to warm my muscles up a bit during the day. In the end, it didn’t really make much of a difference. I was waddling around like a cross between a duck and a granny who needs a walker all day. It took me three times as long as it would normally take to walk the same distance.


I still did my exercise tonight but instead of working at an intermediate-advanced level I was doing all the beginner moves because that was all my body would allow me. I’m wondering whether anyone else is as sore as I am today? Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Also, big weigh in tomorrow. Hopefully I’ve actually lost weight!


12WBT: day 01

11 Feb

Today marked day one of my 12WBT. 

Originally, I had planned to be “organised” (which, in general, is a challenge for me) so I diarised when I would do my workouts and what time I would eat my meals. 

CHALLENGE #1: 6am workout

Let’s get one thing straight; I could sleep through an atomic blast and never know it (not due to the obvious fact that if an atomic blast went off I’d be dead, but you get my drift). So I thought I’d give myself some leeway and set my alarm for 6:01am instead of 6:00am. It didn’t make a difference. Alarm went off and I hit the snooze button. As per the norm.

My partner was awake watching the Man. Utd. game on Foxtel (which I had slept through) and gently nudged me.

“Darling, it’s 6am.”

“Yeahh… I know…”

And back to sleep I went. 

I ended up crawling out of bed at 7:20am, which by all accounts is pretty good for me. It was at that point that I decided to do my first workout after dinner instead of in the morning.

CHALLENGE #2: the scales conveniently decided not to work today

I wanted to jump on the scales first thing in the morning to check my weight but the batteries were only half working, so my weight remained a mystery. In a way I didn’t mind… I never mind not weighing myself lol. I guess I’ll have to wait until Wednesday – my first official weigh-in day.

Food-wise, I was very well-behaved today. I only ate what was on my plan and didn’t feel deprived in the slightest. I even found myself craving water despite having about 6 cups of green tea during the day. The food was absolutely delicious. I fancy myself as quite the chef if I do say so myself 😉

Fast forward to 7:40pm.

CHALLENGE #3: not throwing up my delicious dinner

After dinner, I threw myself into my first workout… and almost threw up as a result! Ok, so maybe working out straight after dinner wasn’t the best idea. Or maybe I’m not the chef I thought I was. But.Oh.My.God. What a workout! I followed along on my computer screen watching Mish (my virtual trainer) making it all look like a piece of cake (ironically, she probably doesn’t even eat cake!). 

As I sit here now typing this, I can feel my tummy muscles getting sorer by the second. Hopefully I can walk tomorrow… “duck walk” is almost as attractive as “duck face”.